Steam Users - Chronicle hangs when Installing: M

Now the Installing: M dialogue box is a perfectly normal part of the installation process. If you happen to get stuck on this stage, then something's gone awry but is easily fixed!

You've got two options to solve this problem which I will outline below:

Solution 1 - Via Steam

We've actually bundled the C++ re-distributable you need to run to solve this problem with your Chronicle download from Steam! All you need to do is locate this file and run it to solve the problem. 

1. Right click on Chronicle in your Steam Library

2. Choose "Properties" from the pop up menu

3. This opens the Properties window for Chronicle

4. Click the "Local Files" tab at the top of the windows

5. Click the "Browse Local Files..." button

6. A new explorer window will appear

7. Navigate to the Chronicle_Data Folder and locate and open the "Redist" sub-folder

8. Run the file in there, it should be called "vc_redist.x86.exe"

Once you've run this file, please try to launch Chronicle from your Steam Library one again, you should find that the Installing: M problem is solved and the game loads!

Solution 2 - Visit the Microsoft website

You can download the C++ re-distributable to solve this problem from the Microsoft website. Please ensure your Operating System is fully up to date before running the downloaded installer package.

When the install is complete, please try launching Chronicle again from your Steam Library, you should now find it launches with no problems!

I've still got the problem, what should I do?

If you're still getting the Installing: M error after following these steps, then please ensure you've downloaded all updates for your Operating System and then run the re-distributable again to solve the problem.

If the issue remains after doing this, then you need to click the blue "Get Help" button on the right hand side of this page to send us a message.

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