Steam Accounts - A few points to note!

If you downloaded and installed Chronicle on Steam, the first time you launch Chronicle you will see the screen shown below:

Please see the section below for each option to find out a bit more about what each kind of account can and cannot do.

TIP: If you have already created an account on the website, choose "Existing Account" and enter the account's details to link your Steam with your existing Chronicle Account!

Use Steam

When you choose to use Steam, this creates a new Chronicle Account on our systems. These accounts don't have a creation e-mail and password in place as you authenticate via Steam. as a result:

  • You never have to enter an e-mail address and password to log into game
  • Steam created accounts cannot log into the Chronicle Website or post on the Official Forums
  • The account cannot be accessed other than by the Steam account that was used to create it, so if you lose your Steam Account for any reason, you will not be able to log into Chronicle
  • You can however post any issues or Bug Reports on the Steam Forums
    • The Developers and QA Team check the Steam Forums for any issues very regularly
  • You can only make purchases via the Steam Store
    • Please note, all purchases made via Steam are non-refundable!

Existing account

If you chose to log in using an existing account, it creates an association between your Chronicle Account and Steam, which allows you to log into game via Steam without having to enter the account's creation e-mail and the password! The account itself still has a login e-mail and password in place, as a result, you can:

  • Log into the Chronicle Website using your e-mail address and password
  • Post on either the Official Forums or the Steam Forums as you choose
  • Log into game on either the Stand Alone Client or via Steam
  • Make purchases either by using the Chronicle Store or directly through the Steam Store as you choose
  • Reset the account password using this tool on the website
    • You not be prompted to enter the new pass when logging in via Steam
    • Your new password is only used to log into the Stand Alone Client and the Chronicle Website


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