How do I make a purchase?

You can purchase in-game currency via the store which is available from the game menu. To get started, please click the "Store" button on the Chronicle Menu screen.

It's only a 4 step process from start to finish so should only take a minute or two! If you're not sure where you are in the process, you can check the boxes shown in the top right hand corner of the screen!

Step 1 - Choosing your Package

When you click the "Store" Button, the game client will minimise and a Browser Window will open with the various packages of Platinum Ingots available for purchase as shown below:

Please select the package you want to purchase by clicking on the relevant box.

Step 2 - Sign in

You should now see a screen asking you to log into your Chronicle account. The e-mail address should populate automatically from the game client, so you just need to enter the account's password.

Once you've entered your password and clicked ok, you move on to select your payment method.

Step 3 - Payment Options

You will now be presented with a screen with a list of payment options that looks like the one shown below:

TIP - The available payment options will vary depending on where you are geographically, so don't be alarmed if you don't see all of the options from the above image!

You can save your card details if you like to save having to enter them every time you want to make a purchase!

Once you've chosen your payment method and provided the required information, your order will process, and you will move onto the next step of the process.

Step 4 - Order Completion

This is the final step of the process! You'll be taken to a final screen that will clearly confirm if your payment has been accepted or not, and you will be provided with an order reference number. You will also be send an e-mail confirmation of your order for your records.

Not all payment methods are instantaneous!

Please be aware that receiving the order confirmation e-mail doesn't mean that the Platinum Ingots will show on your account immediately. Some payment methods may take up to 5 working days for the funds to reach us. The Platinum Ingots will only be applied onto your account when we receive your payment. 


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