Unrecognised Payments

If you're seeing payments to help.jagex.com on your Bank Statement, Credit Card Bills or PayPal payment history and are not sure why, this article should help!

I don't play this game, so why am I being charged?
The most common cause of unrecognised payments is when a family member has made a payment in either Chronicle or RuneScape without the bill payer's permission.

We'd suggest that you speak to family and other members of the household to make sure they haven't used your details to make a payment before getting in touch with us.

I believe these payments are fraudulent!
If you believe the charges are fraudulent, then please click the "Get Help" button on the right hand side of this page to get in touch. Please ensure that you provide the following information to aid in our investigation of this situation:

  • Transaction ID - Should be shown on your bank or credit card statement

We will happily investigate further and let you know our findings.

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