Chronicle and RuneScape - Are they connected?

Chronicle is a new strategy card game set in the world of RuneScape. Create adventures with your card as legends from Gielinor do battle!

Will there be a connection to RuneScape? 
We would like to do this if there is sufficient demand from players.

Can I log in with my RuneScape account? 
Not yet, again this is something would look into if there is a lot of demand for this feature.

Can I use my RuneScape display name? 
Chronicle uses a separate display name from RuneScape so if your RS display name hasn’t been taken you are able to use.

Can I play Chronicle and RuneScape at the same time? 
Yes. While Chronicle is set in RuneScape its systems are largely separate, meaning that you can be logged into and playing both games simultaneously. 

Can I talk to RuneScape players’ in-game? 
No. Chronicle uses a separate chat system from RuneScape. You are only able to talk with pre-defined phrases although we are looking to add a free chat system in the future if there is a demand. 

Can I import my friends from RuneScape? 
Chronicle has a separate friend system from RuneScape but we are looking to add the ability to import your friends from RuneScape in the future if account linking is added. 

Can I purchase in-game currency using RuneScape Gold or Bonds?
As Chronicle uses different systems to RuneScape, this isn't possible. To find out more about in-game currency, check out Common Payment Questions.



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